Final Blog Post

Well, my grade 8 year is coming to an end. The past years in elementary school have been great with many memories made along the way. I am now going into high school and even though I will not be at school to extend on my blog, I will try to keep posting.  Thankyou for the great experiences with my blog. Thank you!

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Political Cartoons

In history class, we were giving a culminating activity which had many different activities for us to complete. We are learning about Canadian Confederation in history and all of the activities were based on that. The first activity we were to complete was having us find Canadian Confederation cartoons and talk about the message of the cartoon along with if the author had a favourable or a non-favourable opinion of Confederation. Down below is two cartoons that I found online and beside it is my answers to the questions above. I hope you enjoy and feel free to comment to let me know what you thought of it.

In this cartoon, I think that the message is that when the man says this is a Canadian dollar, it is showing that Canada is just beginning and they are just starting to create coins and no one really understands anything yet about Canada. I think the author has a favourable opinion about Confederation because the fact that they added the new Canadian coins tells me that they thought that through and they were proud of Canada that they are becoming a new country and they are doing well with creating new coins for the country to use.

In this cartoon I feel that the message it is trying to provoke is the country beginning to develop. The reason I say this is because it shows two men looking at the new flag they had just created. I feel this is a very strong message and I think the author did a great way showing this concept in a clear and easy way to understand by making it very efficient. In this cartoon like the other one, I think that the author has a favourable opinion about Confederation because it is depicting how the new countries flag was made and it seems like they are satisfied with their accomplishments with the flag which is exactly why I strongly think the author has a very favourable opinion about Confederation.    


Cartoon #1

Cartoon #2

United Nations Water Proposal

In science, we were put in groups to create a plan to help people with an inadaquate water supply. I was with my friends Jacqueline and Alexandra and we were “working” for the Untited Nations to create a plan to help people with a water shortage. We created a presentation on our plan on “Prezi.” Down below is our prezi presentation. Feel free to comment on this post to let us know what you thought of our presentation. I hope you enjoy! 

John A. Macdonald Interview

In history, we were paired up to present an interview of a historic person. Me and my friend Alexandra chose John A. Macdonald to interview because we thought that we had the most background information about him which would make it a lot easier to prepare an interview on him. Alexandra and I thought we would make it a little fun so we pretended it was The Ellen Degeneres Show. Alexandra took the part of Ellen and I took the part of John A. Macdonald.The link below will take you to Alexandra and I’s interview. Feel free to comment on our interview to let us know what you thouht of it. I hope you enjoy our interview.

Sir John A. Macdonald

Stop World Hunger

In class, we had to choose a major issue in the world and make a presentation on the website called “Prezi.” I chose the issue of “World Hunger” to research because I feel this issue effects everyone and I think people need to know about this major issue because it needs to be stopped. Up above is my prezi on “World Hunger.” Feel free to comment on this post to let me know what you thought of it. I hope you enjoy my prezi on world Hunger. 

North Moraine Hill Glacier

In science class, we are learning about water systems and how they effect our world. During learning about the different states of water, we reviewed the effect glaciers have on our Earth. We then had to make a “Glog” using the website called Glogster to create a virtual poster about our chosen glacier. I chose the North Moraine Hill Glacier located in The North West Territories. Down below is the link to my glog. Feel free to comment on this post to let me kn ow what you thought of it. I hope you enjoy my glog on the “North Moraine Hill Glacier.”

North Moraine Hill Glacier


In history, we completed two interactive learning activities about biased and un-biased results and the forming of Canada and how it has ended up the way it is today. Down below is my reflecting answers on what I learned during completing these interactive learning activities.

Biased And Un-Biased Results-

I learned how in media, they can make topics seem really negative or really positive by just the choice of words they use. Also, they can change the whole meaning of the story by just changing the sentence which could make it very untrue. I feel this interactive learning activity was a great way to learn about biased and un-biased results.

The Making of Canada-

In this interactive learning activity, it showed me how Canada has became the way it is today. It explained year to year of what happened such as new provinces and territories. I learned a lot from this interactive learning activity because it explained the information throughout the years and then tested you on what you just learned. I feel this helped me memorize the topic even more because you had to know the information at the end to complete the small quiz. I really enjoyed completing this interactive learning activity and it taught me information about Canada that I had never even known.Head+On+Vancouver

Image Source- Map

Movie Effects

For class, we were to pick a movie and talk about what the target audience was in our opinion and how it affected that target audience, I chose the movie “Cast Away.” Down below is my response about the movie and feel free to comment on this post to let me know what you thought about it and if you agree or disagree with my statement.

For my movie impact, I chose the movie “Cast Away” featuring Tom Hanks. The reason I chose this movie is because it really spoke out to me of how quickly things can happen without you expecting it and how even though he was gone for about 4 years, he still remembered his life and the people in it. The target audience for this movie in my opinion would be young adults around the age of 20 and 30. The reason I say this is because around this age, it is when people start considering travelling and possibly getting married. This movie is all about a man whose plane crashes and he survives on an island for about four years. I think this movie shows how something can happen so unexpectedly and how you are taking risks all the time and I feel that it also shows how strongly he felt for his wife which is exactly why I think the target audience for this movie was around the age of 20 and 30. I feel this movie appealed very well to this target audience because Tom Hanks is playing the role of a man around the age of 30 and I think because of this, it spoke out to this audience way more. I really enjoyed watching this movie because it really gives the audiences a clear picture of how people can survive from a normal day routine to having nothing and living by yourself.

Image Source- Cast Away   

Automated Machines

For science, we were learning about automated machines and how they affect the world they are around. For any of you that do not know what an aut0mated machine is, it is a machine that has taken over peoples work. They are usually in a form of a robot or any technology created to do the same work as a human. We were then asked to think of an automated machine and talk about it’s affects on the world and the people that use and work around them. I chose to do my presentation on “Movie theatre ticket dispensers.” This is an automated machine that is used in movie theatres that customers can use to get their tickets to the movie they desire instead of waiting in line to get their tickets from an employee at the movie theatres front desk. With all of the information we collected, we had to create a presentation using the website called “Prezi.” Also, we had to create a brochure informing our classmates about all the affects this automated machine has on the world. Down below is my prezi about my thoughts on how this automated machine has affected to world and the people that use and work around them. Feel free to comment on this post to let me know what you thought of my presentation.

It’s A Small World

For language, we were learning about different types of poems. The one poem that we were studying was called “Slam Poetry.” For any of you that have never heard of slam poetry, it is when you create a poem that does not have to rhyme and you are trying to get your point across and persuading your audience. Down below is m y slam poem on “It’s A Small World.” I hope you enjoy it and feel free to comment to tell me what you thought of it.


Imagine a place with water and land,

The deserts and beaches are full of sand.


So many people, you have to shout,

With all of the countries you have to shout.


And all of the space,

It’s a wonderful taste,

Get ready to brace,

Here it comes…


India, China, Canada too,Majestic+Sunrise+from+the+Summit+of+Mount+Fuji

Don’t forget Madagascar, just to name a few,

The 2 percent ice takes up some of the space,

And water and land take up… the rest.


It’s a temptation I can’t resist,

There are so many countries; it’s such a great list,

So don’t be afraid to travel far,

All you need is a simple car.


So now you know about the world,

And all of the countries near and far,

No matter if it’s hot or cold,

This Earth isn’t shy, it’s “BOLD!”


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