Ontario Must See’s

If Mrs. Wyatt was to visit Ontario, I would definitely recommend for her to see the building called the C.N. Tower located in the city of Toronto because at one point, this building was the tallest building in the world measuring 533.3 metres tall until a couple years ago, it was broken by another country. I chose the CN Tower for a must see because it’s hard to believe how tall it actually is until you stand right next to it. Also, when you go up into the building at the top of the tower, there is a glass floor you can walk on so you can see right through it and the people down at the bottom look like little ants because you are so high up.

 Another must see in Ontario is Niagra Falls. I think Mrs. Wyatt should visit this location because this waterfall is shaped like a horseshoe and its wonderful rapids before it drops makes it that much better to watch. It is even more fascinating if you visit Niagra Falls at night because there is colourful lights shining behind the falls and it makes the water look like its multi coloured. Also, if Mrs. Wyatt was to visit this location, I would recomend for her to visit in the winter because all of the mist coming off of it, makes ice surround the railings on the side where you watch the falls so it is very pretty. The reason why I think Mrs. Wyatt should visit these locations is because when I first visited these, I was so amazed on how cool they were and I think Mrs. Wyatt or anyone else would enjoy seeing these locations too.


CN. Tower.



Niagra Falls.


5 thoughts on “Ontario Must See’s

  1. G’day Jared,
    I so totally agree with your post about Niagara Falls. I actually visited there ten years ago and went on a tour on the ‘Maid of the Mist’. I still have that blue rain coat they give you.

    Then that evening my chatroom friends and I had a meal at the tower overlooking the falls and they certainly looked magnificent in the night sky with their bright lights.

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  3. G’day Jared,
    Are you getting visitors to your blog leaving comments?

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    Remember at least 15 links in your blogroll, not all from your class ready for the game next week. If possible, 10 comments visible in the ‘Recent Comments’ widget.

  4. Hi Mrs. Wyatt. That is really cool that you have visited Niagara Falls, I love it there. What would be one thing that I should see around your area? Thanks.

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