Digital Footprint

Challenge 7 

Your digital footprint is something that you leave electronically and that other people could go on and see what you have been up to. Let’s say you always buy the same kind of object all of the time. For example you buy a lot of clothing. Some people that work at clothing stores can track your digital footprint down and then they could send you all of these adds on your electronic device and now all of these clothing adds come up on your screen all of the time and they are trying to make you buy more. Your digital footprint tells people what you have done which can be in a good or bad way. A good way is let’s say that you were a really good dancer and you video taped yourself dancing and put it on the web. If somebody that was already famous and they saw you and they liked you, they could take your video and maybe you could get noticed and become famous. This is very unlikely, but it could happen.

Your digital footprint can be used in a bad way or a good way like becoming famous but you never know who has got a hold of it and who is tracking you down.

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