2011 Blog Challenge Nominations

For the very last step in the 2011 student blogging challenge, we have to nominate people for different categories that we think should win. There are different varieties of categories when we have to nominate just one blog. Down below are my nominations and who I think should win in the 2011 student blogging challenge.

Best Individual Blog

Bella’s Blog

I like this blog because it really seems like she puts a lot of work into her posts. We have also been commenting on eachothers blog lately. I think this is an excellent blog and that is why I am nominating Bella’s blog for the best individual blog.

Best New Blog

 Jen’s Blog

I chose Jen’s blog because she seems like she spends a lot of time writing her posts as the sizes of them are quite large.

Best Class Blog

 Mrs. Hammans Blog

I chose this class blog because like my teachers class blog, it has a good use of pictures and with each picture, it has a link back to where they got it from which is very good in a blog.

Best Student Blog

Noah’s Blog

The reason I chose this blog is because it seems like he is really into hunting as you can see by the camafloge on the blog. I think he really expresses about hunting and he focuses on it in his posts which I think is very cool and exiting to read.

Edublog Award Site

Image Source-  2011 Edublogs Badge

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